If you are in the beginning stage of your great invention or artistic masterplan that you design to reach the very top in the world, it is important to take a look into what the world has already produced in that sector and who had the eventual same idea as you. Mostly that can be done by googling it or hit up some tags into your favorite network and see what exists. Of course, to be it you shall not allow yourself to idolize anyone or be a fan of anything but it matters to adjust course early in the game before money is invested or even worse if you already set your branding and stated your direction with everyone to see.

You may discover existing material and people who possibly already succeeded with that precious idea of yours. Yes, Mercedes Benz made the first car but the students of engineering across the world did not quit school the day it was announced that mobility took a leap away from horses and the first cars showed up.

Existing material even if done perfect and professional should not make you feel small or pointless with your similar plan. It is then up to what you can find to add, improve and just simply make doper then what exists. Especially if the market is brand new, hundreds of similar products or services fit the need of the idea and there will be space and support for you.

If you analyze or seek your competition and find out that there is something that you can actually make different or better then in what the existing one you found offers, you will not move on from it feeling small rather happy that the competition already lacks your creative range of imagination and that you will have an actual great chance of beating them in the open market when you are finished with yours.


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC