In one breath: Remember to switch up posts and if applicable, use the 6 pillars of fame as a template for how you create your content. In the long term, you will keep a steady upward curve starting from the inner circle of friends up to a major part of people that stumble in your profile and only see the 6 recent images that are your only shot to create curiosity.

In the past years basically, as one man media agency to make the bread and butter, I came across a lot of interesting learning. Having seen many shared media walls and the people who own them in person, made one thing clear. 90% of humanity is using Instagram as some sort of dumpster for pumping life signals to the outside world without paying attention to how it visually sums up as what we will refer to your “wall”.

If you like to proof your currency in shared media fame and support a serious business with your Instagram wall, then multiple secret patterns apply. Let’s look at one and reduce its example to about the span of a week of sharing media. I am going into my memory and throw images I remember having taken. Throwing them all out in front of me on an imaginary big desk in the air and look at like like a random memory game of photo cards.

Many times I find that people post a significantly larger amount of multiple selfies after selfies without making a lot of sense in them. I firmly believe that business owners should work with the what I called 6 pillars of fame. Taste, Class, Health, Sport, Network, Self Love.

See them as 6 categories you have to fully transmit a top fly image of yourself, your brand or fictional action persona. I know that Instagram is used for a plethora of other purposes but for me it always had one and only one. To measure my fame in its own currency. The formula I used for years to calculate if a person is dope is the result of these factors. Followers, post likes and comments on one half of the equation and the very which of the 6 pillars of fame we examine on the other half.

However many of these you can fill the better. It takes a moment to sit down and translate down to your own persona. After all, all professionally run Celebrity accounts more or less keep the above-mentioned pattern. It’s an untold secret so write it down and spend 10 minutes thinking of how your version of each would look like.

Classy Dining – It does not have to be wholegrain or minimal. The type of food actually doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take a good aim to create a photo straight down above the food and surrounding arrangement. It reflects your taste and choices


Lifestyle – Same applies to Lifestyle. What do you love about the things you use every day. Which of the daily run through locations do you feel like represents your vibe and lifestyle?


Sportiness – is a place on your wall where you can flash some classy skin and receive your rewards.


Health Activity




Self Love – and finally celebrate yourself. self-love can be photos of yourself in front of your bedroom mirror or in your favorite relaxed and most beautiful moment.


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC