The first and most important question is. Who do I want to attract with my media wall no matter which app or network? What is it that I am selling and who are the people who would buy that. If I am a singer or musician, who are the people who listen to similar music and how do they identify themselves with it.

Searching inside social media networks came a long way. The big ones offer advanced search like the wonderful twitter advanced search. These places are an unspoken gem of the internet for trend hunters and such. If you, for example, like to find out what the best flatscreen plasma TV for gaming is you can surely do a google search.

The problem is that what you find, is countless websites that sell it, talk about its features, you find blogs that upload images about it. Worst of all, you can seed through 10 or more pages and mostly find two-year-old articles written on blogs that talk about this amazing plasma screen coming out next year. These websites, in those two years, have gathered so many views that they rank up and clog your results thanks to googles slacking algorithm in this matter.

Now that didn’t answer your initial question. Instead, you went on the tour the click and distracted yourself with a wealth of trash information.

So back to places like Webstagram or the Twitter Advanced search, why is it better and more suited to set demographic targets which is what we are doing today. The answer is simple. The information coming out of the Twitter Advanced search is current. It doesn’t advertise a product it rather brings up short and to the point comments about it. People tagging and commenting on the quality and or usability of a product and people who you want to find remember and follow.

This is an example based on a TV but let’s say you are setting demographic targets for your new swimsuit collection. By 1. deciding who you are targeting you go ahead and 2.┬áSearch into the networks and see your buyers and get a feel for them. You 3. note down the hashtags, the strongest influencers use to post their products or services similar to yours. These will become the hashtags you can place on your posts. By doing the proper demographic research you can find out about trends that exist around your product.

Now, this is somewhat an advanced course on the topic so I won’t go ahead and explain to you how to tag your posts properly, etc. Just note that by doing proper demographic research, which can take weeks if done right, you will develop a pre-launch strategy that almost certainly places your new business or artwork into the scene much more efficiently then guessing tags that could fit take your photos and post them into the wild vast of hundreds of people who tagged the same thing on much less amazing things like yours and dilute the results of your efforts whereas special insider tags and people targeted, keep your posts alive and top ranking for days if not month to come.


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