In one breath: Allow your conversation partner to take at least one of your points home as his own.
Are you that person who has had the right answer to every single question ever asked. Sometimes before it was even asked. Or did you ask the person the question they were going to ask you and gave them the answer to it? Then it’s you I am referring to.

Generally, if you are gifted like that, it means you have the genes to predict plan and execute any path to your kingdom. The only one problem is, to become the undoubted king of an empire that reaches across the globe you need people who approve and respect you.

Someone at some point has to pass you on as this amazing act and do that without pressure or being paid for. For this, it takes more than wisdom, the right answer or even a world-class product, service or unique skill.

If you are ready to rule the world you have to be able to listen and let your other part of a conversation take away some points. Like for example, imagine you are in the midst of explaining the biggest clue ever. You talk and talk and talk for minutes straight, explain all the pieces no one could ever understand and then have the balls to stop.

Not anywhere in a sentence but certainly at the point where the answer or continuation of your sentence is so absurdly obvious, that its almost a shame and a child could finish it. You just stop and begin thinking as if you wouldn’t know what the last part is. With this stop, you created an opportunity for your conversation partner.

They will immediately step in and finish the sentence and you point a thumb at him and say “YES that’s it.” In a 4 minute speech you tackled through the entire field and right before the goal you throw him the ball and let him take the home run, aka the conclusion of all the things you just talked about. Let him have it!

The results of this are anywhere from incredible to career change. This is because you started a high-level conversation with world-class clues in it and went on for minutes talking about it but the only thing that person you talked to will remember is that he summed it up and topped it off like a champ who is on your level.

It takes discipline and self-confidence to give these moments away sometimes at multiple times throughout a meeting or casually.

What you gain from this? A friend, a client, a supporter or even the one person you needed on your side to cause a chain reaction which leads to you to multiply your status, reach and influence. Each one of these people is needed. The sum of all maybe can help you break open the gate to your dreams.


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC