In one breath: Allow your conversation partner to take at least one of your points home as his own. Close deals make friends. Don’t be the all-knowing nerd no one wants to be around!
Are you that person who had the right answer to every question ever asked, sometimes before it was even asked. Or worse, did you ask the person the question they were going to ask you and gave them the answer to it right after? Then it’s you I am referring to.

Generally, if you are gifted like that, it means you have the guts to predict, plan, and execute any path to serious success. But there’s a problem. To become undoubtedly successful and respected, you need people who approve of you.

Someone has to pass you on as this eccentric genius. Respectively without any pressure or being paid to do so. People have to refer you and feel positive about it because of a good memory they have of you. For this, it takes more than wisdom, the right answer, or even a world-class product. Even the world’s best AI or smartest computer would fail here for lack of human people skills. 

If you feel ready to rule the world with your unsurpassed wisdom, let me tell you one of the critical secrets to it.

You still have to be able to listen and let your other part of a conversation take away some points. This rule applies no matter if you are presenting to a 400 people committee or a single Vice President. 

Like for example, imagine you are explaining a product or service you invented. Before you even begin talking, you already know your speech’s opening parts, its ending parts, and then the one power element that turns the whole speech exciting, memorable and make you look like the hero. 

So try this for a change. You talk and talk telling the fundament of your story, preparing the listener to understand your point. At a point where it is absurdly apparent what you are going to say next, and all clues come together, try to stop talking. Look at your conversation partner and allow him to finish your sentence. The exciting part, the one that makes the whole presentation cool, funny, or unique. 

You go ahead and surrender that. Let him have it! 

With this move, you created an opportunity for your conversation partner. He will immediately step in and finish your sentence and capture the built-up energy towards himself. Now you point a finger in his direction smile and step it up even a notch more, saying “YES, right! That’s it.” … Your conversation partner walks away as the star of your show. 

Let’s break down what happened here. In a 4 minute speech, you tackled your point left and right through the entire field, and right before the goal you hand it to the conversation partner and let him score. The conclusion of all the things you just talked about. You let him have it! 

Sounds easy right? It is hard. Extremely hard for the person mentioned in the opening paragraph.

However, if you manage to do it, the results of this action are anywhere from incredible to career-changing. Because you started a high-level conversation with world-class clues in it and went on for minutes talking about it, yet the only thing your conversation partner will remember from this, is that he summed it up and topped it off like a champ who is on your level.

It takes discipline and self-confidence to give these moments away sometimes at multiple times throughout a meeting or presentation.

What you gain from this? A friend, a client, a supporter, or even the one person you needed on your side to cause a chain reaction which leads to you to multiply your status, reach, and influence. Each one of these people is required. The sum of all maybe can help you break open the gate to your dreams. -tb


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC