Things fade. Ideas won’t be as good the next day or week. Entire businesses fall out of the owner’s mind and become relentless. When that happens then the amount of work required for it hasn’t been sufficiently thought out. Being your own boss comes with many downsides. The biggest of which is that you and your experience are the standards for your own realistic measure when planning a startup business, music album, film career or a stand-up performance. All these examples are high level and bloody hard working competition is to be found on every corner of every city in the world.

Therefore if the goal is to be the one above all, the alpha in the industry, you have to plan ahead into ranges that passed the level of impossible by far. I don’t mean impossible as not having the money or physical ability to master it. When I say impossible I mean that you have to learn and master painstaking skills you never thought you will have to that should not hit you by surprise after already failing with the simple doable approach of your art.

Taking the examples above a startup owner has to face having to learn almost everything he is planning of hiring staff for himself to a certain level. A musician has to prepare to learn how to dance and perform not just sing and record an album. A top paid actor is facing more than handful challenges per assignment that have to be overcome in order to stand out brilliant in the end.

Altogether the “impossible” refers to a dark zone of skills you will eventually have to add to your skills to book your spot in the top of your league and not ever be surprised and fail unexpectedly. Expect the impossible at all times and behind every corner. If luck is on your side and you pull off something you never thought you could, you defeated the formerly thought impossible. And of course, set the bar higher again as this never stops until you die. As a god.


The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC