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• Acid-free, PH neutral, linen canvas
• 20.5 mil thick canvas, 470gsm
• Hand glued solid wood stretcher bars
• Printed on textured and fade-resistant canvas (OBA-Free)
• 1.5″ deep



Location: Midtown Manhattan, 57th Street and Fifth Avenue

I remember the Pope was in town. I looked outside my window facing the street of 5th Ave from the 5th floor of our office in the crown building. I could see people moving together fast like ants and the scene below became louder. It was Donald J. Trump himself, who came out occasionally back in the day.

It was about 3 month into announcing his presidency so the reaction of people to him this time seemed to have more intensity than the other time he came out. I quickly grabbed me my cam and laid flat down onto the window seal. I zoomed in as far as it went, adjusted some aperture to allow more light because the sun has already passed the little gap it has to fully cover 57th street. I was dealing with just a strip of the sun coming in hitting just the presidential candidate not really anything else.

Made a quick decision held my breath and fired a total of 4 shots down on the scene.  It was not really visible with the naked Eye what I actually caught. I kept watching the rest of the 2 minutes total of him standing and waving with my bare eyes until he walked back in.

Later upon closer view, I discovered the incredible luck with this photo. There were countless scenes that happen in it with crowd expressions from laughter, excitement, shameful smiles, happiness, and respect. All mixed up resulting from Mr. Trump just freshly announcing his presidency.

I haven’t done anything with the photo until now. Because I first understood the value of this piece when I crammed out my old photography and reviewed with a friend, who turned slightly pale and was shocked how I was able to obtain this photo without being taken by Secret Service. I said, “no way, back then he had one NYPD Officer and one bodyguard facing him and yea there was a tourist with a CIA shirt front left.”

I kept this gem unreleased to possibly hand it over to the president as present (and sort of getting out of jail card) if he actually would win the presidency. Today I added it to my work for sale for the first time. Which does not mean that there isn’t a free 60″ x 40″ mega canvas print ready and waiting to be sent with honor to the White House if The Donald is amused by this work and would like to own one…


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Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 3 in