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Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn – Courthouse

It was frosty outside. I just visited a friend in the east part of Bushwick walking down the streets in the morning when I seen old New York Classic Impalas parked along the street. Just a bit further down massive lights and the usual pool of people like in a big-time production. It turned out to be the production of Gotham (season 2). I saw the director and that he seemed really being into it.

Figured I can get a good photo of this if I place myself behind him. The scene began and he stood almost in it that’s how excited he seemed to me. In moments like this, I am captured and I feel the energy and the momentum that is being caused in the air from everyone trying to be on the gameplan and perform just like they saw the scene themselves.

That was the moment this photo captured. The director looks like he is in the scene himself as he conducts his ideas into happening. The originally colored photo is hand edited down to the vintage look and feels as if it would have really happened in the 70’s era Brooklyn.

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Additional information

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