Location: Westchester, NY | Active: March 2008 – Mai 2010

It was in the last days of a working US economy when I decided to sit down my two best friends at the time + a crazy chick for a very special mission which involved renting a house and rocking hard. We all were in the right spot at the same time for it. I became sort of the man in charge since I just left a band to join a doper band, had the experience to build music studios, record audio and I was a few years older.

After looking at a few gorgeous old Victorian properties in Dobbs Ferry and Yonkers, we ended up renting the one with the largest basement space almost like a bunker built under the house. It was a big 3500sqft House with 5 bdrms and the church of New Rochelle as a landlord. Rent was split between the four of us and the fun began. E-Lure Intergalactic Corp, my first real company was filed shortly after. Of course, the music was one thing but I didn’t mean to become a service based company and just slave myself all my life for random people. No, it had to be products.

E-Lure Intergalactic Corp’s first product was supposed to be the cyber DJ glove. It had open fingers so I could operate buttons, and it had buttons and triggers on the glove itself that sent customizable midi signals to the software. It was all open source so it can connect to any Native Instruments or Pioneer or any “softwareable” Mixer. I didn’t know how to make apps yet. But I had a clear picture in my head how I use it, to DJ in a crowd while I’m dancing with a girl’s butt on one glove and a 500000 Watt Festival Stage Sound system on the other. Then I woke up, but the picture remained till today, who knows.

Eitherways, cyber DJ glove looked sophisticated, was ergonomically perfect and well… cyber u know. It already differed from the jogging iPhone fitness band, in that it wasn’t wrapped around your biceps. It would be too hard to operate for steady DJ use in that position. I wanted this to be worn on your wrists and in best case two of them, one on each wrist to sell even more.

The development of it delayed a cause I was already on the next thing way cooler than the glove. I am talking about a custom mixer, a way more different way of DJ’ing with the unit that connected to the glove. It was a time when capacitive touchscreen panels were a bit cheaper than just in the years before. I figured this is a good time to finally make this dream a reality.

I began to build this big bad case that was supposed to be for music like a DJ desk but not run any sort of turntables rather have two capacitive touchscreens on each side and the whole thing was supposed to feel like Start Trek Checkov type shit. I cut and glued all the wood and built a small controller hub underneath of it. It was very Frankenstein but it looked and worked incredibly especially at night.

A few weeks later, after a night of dreams in total enlightenment about the future, I began writing the first 3 tracks for E-Lure 2078AD Humanities Final Destiny that as an instrumental action story music album. It got 4 distorted bass guitar tracks and a digital orchestra mashed with a mix of real drums I had to record for authentic sound and a drum machine that kept up with the insane speed.

The album wasn’t supposed to have vocals on it but instead, after every track, there would be a storyline with people talking and sound effects like feet on the ground in a spaceship, opening doors, laser fights between spaceships and a story that began and ended.

The story plays in 2078 after world war 3 in a heavily reduced society with very few doctors and educated people left. It is about a team of scientists that has been elected to build a space station for research and development right outside earth. The remaining leadership of the planet had to decide so because things changed and space was a safer place to set up an operation as that of saving all of humanity.

Down on earth, there was pirates and anarchy in every country. A new “unexpected” world order that came by surprise after the war got out of control. There were no nukes used so the planet was intact but the moral was gone and every government that had existed has been collectively overthrown by different organizations. Communication was down across the whole planet so was electricity. There was nothing but the worst chaos one could imagine…

So by writing all this into music and word I got excited, started talking weird things and spent days of time in the basement not talking to anyone. I was recording testing composing altering recomposing designing storyboard writing and so on. It was the wildest rush of ideas I can recall, ever. This quote came from that time. I have videos of me talking into a camera. It would be too absurd to show anyone ever. They describe today 2018. It’s creepy. If you like creepy, keep reading you came to the perfect place.

I started piling up more studio equipment, midi keyboards, pro tools hardware and a massive library of sound and effects and digital instruments. I remember feeling like the whole world is waiting for my insane music mix and imagined how the dopest people rock it in their iPods in a matter of a month. However, realistically humanity wasn’t ready for this type of music in 2009 or even today. Thus I never shared these tracks, kept them in reserve for when the day comes that I have some peace and no hectic in my life, so I can finish this album.

Meanwhile, with the main house band, we wrote more like motivational girly rock music like Coldplay n whatnot. Crowds and venues loved it tho, we coined a ton of gigs like for ex. at Crash Mansion and Webster Hall around the summer of 2009. All promoting went through Facebook, as back then there was not really a lot of alternatives. I was always happy with the turnout. Live music with local bands in new york around that time has faded in dope factor. You’d go out to see a show with the dopest bands but see ppl with their hands in their pockets. The most excitement you’d see being maybe to step from one foot on another every 10 seconds and a rare nodding head. (hands still in the pocket tho). So I felt really thankful to our friends and fans to be not like that.

It takes just a few people to like your stuff going apeshit and you feel amazing already. Anything above that will serve an uberflow of almost sexual like energy that enters your body coming from across the edge of the stage. At the end of shows like that, this flow would drive me to rip up my fender, tear down all 4 strings and throw it across the stage when walking off. It would hit ppl sometimes landing in random places but whatever. No clue it felt like blowing off steam and it was my way of returning my appreciation for their noise and excitement.

At the end of the Webster Hall show, I’ve been approached by a music venture firm that created events etc. They offered to sign us and travel the world all year for $24000/net per year salary. It was so lame and knowing that I already acquired a college degree and would have made a huge step back from taking on any normal job this sounded really lame after all the rockstar dreamin’ and bass strings ripping. It kinda ruined the band too.

We never played again after that show. Someone once said you have to stop at the moment when things are the most amazing as they can be. No clue where it was maybe a movie but it made sense to me to apply and cut off all the shenanigans…

However, E-Lure Intergalactic Corp actually made money. With all this extra time on hand, I rented the studio frequently for recording sessions of local bands who loved the ambiance of recording in a house full of maniacs. There was never any pressure ppl would smoke a dub and have breaks to hang with us and play pool in the living room. A friends sister is a Director and I rented the whole place to a 20 strong film crew to shoot a short film that made it into Cannes. Money kept coming in.

However, It’s not just that I got stuck in the 3rd track of that album, I somewhat already felt accomplished just hearing those 3 tracks. All my attention shifted to building the utility glove and a brand new idea. A talent platform. The DJ desk which I dreamt, I could mass produce and sell to Tiesto one day? It became irrelevant. The brand new iPad had multi-touch for up to 10 fingers at the same time. I said whaaat? My screens could handle one single flabby touch at a time. That was all about that…

The House operation went into its all-time low. As if the fall of the stock and housing market the year before wasn’t enough, it got worse in 2009. Local Bands couldn’t afford studio time and my business model began to crackle. The hyper-expensive oil heater caused a big hole along with the rest of the utilities to run a 3500sqft House built in 1895 or some shit.

During that winter the place turned into a permanent freezer. All of us tucked in with our girlfriends not leaving the beds and communicating by yelling through closed doors. A rare group laugh would only happen when someone cranked up the opening song of Bloc Parties “Like Eating Glass”. You know where it starts out with the dude screaming “it’s sooooo cold …… in this house”.

E-Lure started as the coolest project ever, with bands left and right and a house full of girls from IONA college coming in the front door while their friends left through the back door. I wouldn’t want to blame the fall of it on the economy alone. Plenty of mistakes were made beginning with me overextending my budget and credit cards. I learned that I am not perfect and do make mistakes growing from overexcitement. I started selling everything left and right on craigslist and packed up all stuff that hasn’t sold. We decided to split ways and that was the end of the House.

In May of 2010, the last month just before we all had to go, a friend in Harlem was sweet enough to take me in. I was going to focus on perfecting my web coding and worry about getting behind the scenes of music into the platforms and learn the business. It seemed much smarter than scratching the glass bowl from outside as a musician hoping to find a door to the past where playing Music made serious money.

Steve Jobs announced that he would never support flash on any of Apple devices. It was a huge day. I felt like I want to go ahead and rip it up as Internet entrepreneur from there on. Basically every single website made in flash (i bet it was more then 70% of all websites in the world) had to be redone if it wouldn’t work on Apple devices. IT was an opportunity like never before to switch professions. I actually quit my job that week. A well-paying job with the corporate car, gas card, easy pass and solid salary.

It seemed like a big risk but believe me. The mood that sprung when the iPad came out almost felt like the year when silicon valley happened first. Believe me I read Steven Levy’s Hackers many times. It was that same air causing heavy goosebumps momentums every minute when I closed my eyes and went on a tour across the globe sensing what people want. Apps began happening. We had a new gold rush. This time for my generation. I was certain that with my abilities I would be able to land one or two good apps and just do that for the rest of my life. Just had to learn how to make them.

I built a small mac mini server into the trunk of the Mitsu after the Benz had to go. The new ride was only $1000 from a grandpa upstate new york. It had a nearly mint sound system and a clean unused ashtray. I fell in love. It was big wide bad and black and now had the proper plate on the back.

INTERVENUE was about to be born.

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