Location: Temple City, CA | Date: Apr 2018 – present

In the past few years, I’ve shifted the focus of it. LLC from a service-based IT company to a product based company. I will happily remember the times in which I have put fame as currency, and fueled the careers of talented individuals on their path of making it. Today, there is a new way of how you can be it, and it has lesser to do with being famous or exposing any art.

I have developed the first two of many futures it. Products, which all center around one thing. Mining clean energy from nothing but your body by just wearing clothes (D.M.C.B), or sliding away playfully (it.slider).

I hope I can get the same incredible attention from the power users of this planet as always, and that no one is disappointed or mad about the final direction of the it. Brand.

If fossil fuel powered cars are really about to be banned worldwide, we will have to either build hundreds of new nuclear power plants per country or we learn together how to mine our daily energy from nothing other than ourselves. With our motion and our movements, we could finally embody the need but also the source of electricity for a healthier longer sustainable planet.

Join the electric force today by spreading the message and please keep an eye open for the product launches backed by 3 kick starters sometime this summer.

Learn more about the book here.

The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC
Thomas Buchmueller made D.M.C.B - Energy Mining Sportswear 2018