Location: Bushwick, NY | Active: January 2013 – May 2014



Having the comfort of working days from within the Crown Building the question remained where am I going to live. I stayed the first night of the historic lower Manhattan flood during Hurricane Sandy in the building with some dudes from maintenance who had to check each floor for overspill from below. They were nervous all night cause the place has basements with ridiculous amounts of valuable stuff.

With me being literally flushed out of my home which JINN Gallery was, the sky turned and an opportunity appeared to move into Bushwick.


It had to make sense for the movement so I was trying to never make a step backward and look for a place to live but also the brand to grow. Bushwick looked like the place to be if you really ought to leave the island. It was up and coming but only as a secret hint from locals.


People still saved up nationwide to move into the Mecca of Williamsburg that had a decade-long crown in the community of dope people and art that’s not like a table with a flower for $35k but more like mixed media done right on every corner.


You could read each work and its sense from the distance of walking towards it and while it passed if it was visible to the street. So to speak all of the street art made sense. It was heaven you walk and read stories of peoples lives. I saw street art that sucks. Go to some places in New Jersey and you’ll see wait wait, don’t go to new jersey period. Its a no-no my bad.

SO I am standing in a circle of all the housemates on the second day of the flooded city. They say hey were a community and we do art and its all social and there is rules. I look at the guy just thinking when is he finished. I know all your gonna say now. I seen it for the past 8 years in brooklyn.

Its the same shit everyone does how many words are you going to use to describe it jeses stop.. I said nice! Let’s make this place popping and throw rooftop events, organize art shows in all the places around and befriend them. What about that new place bushwick bizzare how does it look like in there. I want to stream all of them live have weekly art education programs on it with people who have some sort of continuous sense of conducting them so that they make sense put together as 24 or 36 episodes. Who can pitch this to the owners?

While I said all this I got depressed cause it was no more top swag it was like second choice decisions and you try to make the best out of them but I tried my best to not show that. Well, I don’t want to say there was applause but it was my initiation talk and people were pumped. I can make shit sound like in ways where you think this is your final solution to change and better your life. Every church or marketing company would have hired me to talk up their campaigns.

So the fun began. I moved all my gear between Crown Building and the Bushwick Loft and began trying to brand the next movement for Art and Artists and include all the things I learned from the past two. Intervenue began being pesky and like this thing that’s chasing you but it has no command or anyone who really cares for it.

I tried to pitch it in the city i tried to pitch it in vegas i felt like i tried everything. I mean I was called Intervenue Tom at this point its flattering but it aged a lot in a greedy mind like mine that always wants to be shocking and showing the most next of the next.

It got fucking old after 4 years and I saw Google doing it with DJZ I felt that brawl in my stomach like you want to throw up. It killed the brand for me. I was over it. I would think of a good reason or way to burry it with dignity. I put it aside.

It had to be something new. I sat down with Kid from the Bronx who just became a friend at this point. We’d be brainstorming case scenarios and play out questions and devil’s advocate. It is like a game of chess. You put a thing into the room and say. This is the biggest next thing in the whole world. If you think it is not the next biggest thing in the world speak now or be silent forever. It’s like the challenge of the 12 black knights of alpha tauri or some fairy tale shit. But its real.

Its a Wimbledon match of tennis. I won almost every match since I can think but I love to lose and hear something that completely eliminates my reasoning and firepower of arguments why this is the biggest next thing in the world. I give you an example:

Before I branded the 3 digit term “it.” both Dreemz and me had a huge game of branding tennis over what the next biggest thing in the world. I tell you how that goes down. Its a game of brain baseball. You only get one hit and it has to fly faaaaar. Imagine you take a baseball and theoretically you could throw it around the globe with one shot. Let’s just say you could.

So one throws out a curveball and describes a social network called THE. Nothing else but just like who would sign up to that and why. The person who is trying to sell it describes a logo like clean large letters 3 digits one line. Literally just that a brand called THE.

We would take this imaginary picture and roll it up as a baseball and throw it across the whole globe. First, it flies over the states of the US and flies by people across national cultural differences. That I have to represent an argument as Texan or Californian that I would not give a fuck about his idea cause my way of living and preferences prevents it. But wait it was clean no issues i got it wow it still flies, nice! You get it, lets keep going.

Let’s follow its flight across South America and the Pacific to the Chinas and Japans. Meanwhile, I am thinking as hard as I can to make up a scenario and find a reason why someone in Japan would not care. I talk it down disguised as imaginary Japanese person saying nah bro what what what is that sir get out of here I am not buying your shit. So if your big idea would be to name a long English sentence, it would stop there and the game is over. If i bring up a reason why the asian market wont mass order your idea or sign up to your app then its dead.

But let’s say I didn’t and the Asians said, Wow look at that logo and tagline, nice poster too, everyone says a word I get it I am not offended I like the design it made me think. Ohhhh keyyy. It passed but how about INDIA and all the spiritual mountain land occupants.

Would they even be able to read your f*cking logo or get what that person is trying to show them on that poster that showed up on their highways all over like being mad annoying and stupid looking out of place? Wait, it didn’t, Fuk yea we keep flying who turn on that booster. We are over the India and the Nepal monks damn that’s a challenge. These cats wake up to a different state of mind. Will we pass? Whoa it passed they understood the brand they get the logo no one was offended.

Let’s take the Pepsi challenge boost up that baseball its been passing over 14 thousand miles already lets go into the ultimate. Let’s go pass the middle east on full trust. How would our idea perform on a billboard in fucking Dubai or Teheran? What would happen to this sign? Would it be ripped down, burned pissed on or like just passed and looked at it beginning to think?
Here is the point. Begin thinking. Care. Ok, it counts I saw this guy in the car he looked at it and kept looking. We did it, let’s fly over Europe!! We pass Italy, whoa ok would Italians get it would germans get it, would the french and Spanish and Uks get it..

Ok, let’s bring this down to one quick sentence: “If the baseball you threw as hard as you could hit you in the head 3 minutes later from behind, you have invented a billion-dollar brand. That’s it.

[ pic] [photo of Bushwick rooftop ]

I sat down and with the original ideas first implemented with the Pennington 8 about Barter and support and built a new formula. Art reached its peak point. Even boring platforms like Fine Art America and Etsy?!?! got serious attention and ripped a big outcry into my ears for the next big thing truly only for artists. It had to Raise attention to art and artist. It had to Raise Art itself. The name was born.

[photo of raise art desk ]

RaiseART became an online platform for artists and news source for the state of Art in Bushwick and Brooklyn. Yikes, the JINN network closed its doors and will remain as a display of the past era and collect credit and back us for future ventures with that. The network stopped at little under 1500 users. It was a milestone accomplished and it was put to rest in peace forever.

[photo ]

The big gallery loft in which I set up shop was filled with mediocre artists. Besides working from this semi-dirty Artcave I commuted daily into the city to work for Frank White’s Universal People. We sold music branding services as Universal Music was too big to deal with it itself.

It had the artist catalog and we had to help to build digital campaigns for those projects. The biggest job ever done would be to brand a music social network for the French carmaker Peugeot. Then there was a website module for YSL who at the time collaborated with Daft Punk during the release of their new album. It was exciting and I got a good lesson or two and enough money out of it but my head was always in my projects 24 hours a day.

[photo ]

I thought to myself dude you have the keys to this prestigious Fifth Avenue Office you moved up from a basement in between filth and grime to the tippy top of the league across trump tower meeting TV celebs every week who walk into IFC on the third floor to pickup their royalty checks. I should use this place to conduct meetings and grow RaiseART and the it.

Not too long after that and we had a weekly art meet at the big bad spaceship desk of the conference room. After a slow start in Bushwick, the year and this shaky new construct seemed to maybe turn profitable after all.

[ photo 5th ave office conference room ]

At the end of 2014, I was allowed to code a full-scale music platform for French automaker Peugeot who just bought in into music branding and used the platform to attract a much younger crowd to buy their bread and butter smaller cars like the 104 no one knows in the states. Anyway, I felt more sophisticated working with such big brand names and the lessons learned from dealing with their tight schedules and gameplans upped my own game and ways of doing things.


Back at the artist’s things have changed, I moved into a higher ground inside. A little cabin that was built like a treehouse at the top of the community. It was all zoned basically a Brooklyn warehouse and what artists made out of it inside. I have seen sorts of those in which my old drummer lived but I have never seen one this dope.

What you found in the early 05’s on Morgan street looked like little weird playhouses just cardboard into a large space divided by cardboard.


The space I ended up in Bushwick was different. I loved the ambiance and the little worlds you could go through when you came in. And there was always something going on. Like you could have come home sad at 4 am from outside and find a happy person with his headphones on painting and having a blast smirking over to you and offering you a dub. Then you go up to the roof and you find someone staring at the beautiful city skyline with glaring eyes full of all kinds of things.

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