We get hung up on our standard ways of doing things. Many of us makers, creators have an extremely hard time to go out of their ways to create their art. It seems risky to experiment and try something new. Almost all of the artists I encountered working with throughout the years have settled in on their standards and go with them day by day.

This is great if you aim at making a living with your art or just try to impress yourself and the people around you with a steady and known consistency. However, if you are planning on becoming the first cat in your league or industry then this habit is what dooms your Act the same way it settled into you also to settle at some level in your industry, hence you won’t reach an ever-growing community of people passing on your work over generations to come as for example the rolling stones have done in music.

The reason for that is simple. The world and humanity shifts and jumps its own set standards. Whatever has been great this year can be totally gone in the year after. To counteract this factor and not run blind and comfortable with the same old thing, and then expect growth or even to reach the top, there is a simple trick.

Its what seems at first the harder way but surprise there is once experienced how far that can boost growth and Ego and how well one can feel by doing the following.

Imagine every single day as a white sheet of paper and begin building abbreviated or even brand new versions of your Act, your art or your business concept. What it takes is courage to start from nothing and build experimental blocks of you while learning and adapting new ways in the process.

These new directions, flavors or sidepaths of your Act will be the ones that drop one new great one from the mix. Something as masterful as your first, maybe even bigger. Either way, you will notice that this will come to no surprise of your followers, fans, and friends.

They expected you to do so and only then are you able to take a generation of them with you on your new path and add the next generation of brand new current to your evergrowing electric powerhouse.

The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC