Has surprisingly little to do with any actual art or trick. Most shared media platforms share one basic principle on which they exist. It has to do with courtesy and respect and also represents the reason why the system of the platforms themselves works and grows. Its called like for like.

Instagram was built by photographers for photographers. Mainly for the reason of creating a separate and organized art space in which any work that is not a selfie or snapshot. Rather work that is meant as artwork and work that takes on many occasions takes painstakingly long to create, build, invent or setup.

What I am trying to say is that Instagram has been built with the purpose of sharing very personal Images that you as maker do not want to see go unnoticed or just being thrown into a lunchtime pool of peoples coffee mugs tabletops hands feet or other media created out of boredom and to just post anything.

Then a good 4 years followed in which the numbers took over and it became a clickfest of liking and following just about everyone from around the world who can sort of guide you in fashion, style, behavior and suave. It was almost ein Kinderspiel to get your numbers up to 10k get verified etc. The first Instagram stars were born.

Today the numbers do not matter as much as they used to. What does Engaging Followers mean?


To be continued…



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