What is the manual to become god?

“The Manual To Become God” is a book that represents a newer simpler approach to religion. Allowing the reader to evaluate life in a second and ask the question. Maker or Consumer? If a maker, one is proud to have made something that someone needed. A maker finds life-purpose in making. Making is where it begins and ends. The book contains one page with one word printed in it.

What does it mean?
The Manual To Become God is not about success. It is also not a scam or any way to make money fast where one profits at the expense of another. The book and the work around the book spreading across this website all combined have only one simple purpose:

To help those who are ready and convinced of themselves and their abilities to create something that is apart from the common and their take on it. Meaning to understand how to turn your own persona into a product, a source and a need in itself. The need only you and your crazy idea can fill. That can be anything from making films to writing songs or even just to simply make the best pizza slice on the planet. This movement in front of you, “be it.” explains some of the steps and patterns to be always on a safe route towards nothing but that.

Why do I need this on my shelf?
The Manual To Become God and its one page one word point on a shelf has more visual value than any other book in your collection. It only represents a visual value in that sense. If you spot this book anywhere, then its owner wants you to know that what he is working on is so next level that there is no example, no guide no training course and no one that helps you. That he bought this book to show you that he doesn’t need a book to succeed.

In one sentence:
The Manual To Become God stands symbol of knowing how to Write, Direct, Act, Edit and publish your life’s film without any fear of passing known standards.

Additional information

Additional information

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