In one breath: Make contacts and establish a connection to your leads on the day of your win. If you don’t, you may remain only a memory in their heads. The bottom line is, you didn’t make it. No matter how well prepared you were and how impressive the quality of your work is.

Did you ever wake up before a test, a presentation, or the big show? Supposedly the one that will catapult your career into stardom, fame, and make you rich.

This day comes to many of us and let’s assume that event or presentation went perfect. You stood the pressure, and you succeeded. Now standing amid a cheering crowd, you feel like everyone wants to be your friend and you made it.

Your Leads saw that you could deliver and are impressed. However, you’ve let yourself go, broadly smiling, enjoying the beautiful compliments, and celebrating with your friends or family until the morning hours.

What happened here is that you didn’t convert your short moment of attention. Instead, you let go and choose to celebrate the win.

Solution: To avoid this mistake, make moves immediately after your showcase, approach your key targets, and lock in future engagements.

If you don’t secure a follow-up date with them, the chances are high, that your hard work earned you nothing more than 5 minutes of attention.

Worst of all, the next day you’re left with having to climb yesterday’s steps again to find a brand new crowd to present your product or skill. Your last leads memory of your 5 minutes won’t count as a contract or proof of having made it.

It’s on you to make sure you set connecting links the day of your big score. Try to focus less on the waves of gratitude from friends and family. Celebrate another day and instead convert your short momentum into new business or opportunities! -tb

The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC