I once got asked by someone while preparing an interview with him how he should sound and look like during the shot. I told him something that relieved any of his fears and made the shoot and all other shoots after successful for years to come.

I told him that you see yourself in the mirror multiple times a day, you spend the most time with yourself and get to evaluate what mood or stage or even “act” call it “game” works with other people around you. You get to measure when you are accepted and praised and when you are not. The mastership of doing what I call “your way of you” involves around the following very important point.

Not every word you speak is wisdom not every laugh is cool not every move looks good. What is crucial to look, sound and appear natural at all times is that you figure out how to remix your best “act” and remember it to practice it over and over again.

Until there is no more practice required and you have mastered your own “game” and can call it in immediately no matter if you are overnighted and tired after a long 20 hour day of work or if someone wakes you up in the middle of your night and requires you to perform out of nowhere. If you master the way where you do you, you mastered your own Act. It is not a bad thing to have an act of yourself.

It is legal and does not mean you pretend or hide “the real boring you” inside. “You” always will refer to whatever you choose to output at any given time. It is recorded by your fellow humans around you and creates a history. If you strive to be an actor or work in front of the camera, the knowledge of your own balanced sturdy and consistent Act is of course key.

If these standards aren’t negotiated within yourself during long practice days month or more, you will not be able to guarantee any sort of consistency or performance level or own the ability to go beyond the person your parents and friends know all their lives. It is legal to alter and exaggerate. Life is an act in itself. Be what you believe is it.

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