Yes, it happened. Everyone and their mothers are using bots on the main shared media platforms. Where two years ago you could gain some real critique or feedback for your posts and your persona, today you catch a “nice!” or “amazing” instead. Why did that happen and how? Well, it just happened as more people needed more “friends” to help them populate their media.

Numbers alone do not reflect your level of dopeness any longer. Even if you manage to get a decently high let’s call it “credit score of media” and you average a good feedback and over 100 people’s 2cents when you emote a funny sentence or share some new good work. Today you have to be savvier to slide through.

How does it work to make it just on shared media without a college degree or rich daddy? How do these kids get these Ferraris and the whole world turned rebel and You struggle to pay your bills, even though you have a sick following and multiple pages you maintain every day. There is no secret to any of this other than the following:

a. Getting the blue seal first. No matter what it takes. It has worked for clients of mine before even at follower counts below 10k as it was in this case. You have to be doing business globally that’s all. You can read all about it in this post in which I explain it in detail, how to obtain the verified badge on Instagram.

b. Answering the next call for promotion help or shoutouts even better-wearing someone’s stuff in a different way then you did before you read this. I am talking about making thoughts about how much your currency or word on the street is worth, determine a number and then most importantly say it and be quiet until they say something. Do not oversell or explain why you said that number. Say the number and wait.

c. Making yourself available in the genre. Show up at meetings and fares and catch moments where you can offer a solution to a question. Involve yourself in an ongoing conversation conservatively and with good short points. You are now in the service industry, your word, your looks, your aesthetic is your value.

Let’s take the example of a Painter and a Singer aka Musician or Songwriter call it what you want. Where do you stand today in 2018 trying to make it? What does it mean to make it? What is it??? Who decides that I am it????

I will break it down for you in the most clearest way I can. Since almost 7 years I have been running around tagging #beit and people ask these questions above. Since the book they ask me, how the hell do you get to decide who is a god and who not. How do you offer a manual to become god?

My answer is always very simple and takes less then 60 seconds. Ready?

Only an artist that suffers has something to express. Only if you have experienced something that is hard to handle and live through, you are able to *create something that touches people. People don’t buy art from a happy person with a sick drawing skill. They don’t buy the album of happy people singing about the weather in California.

They buy art/ music to feel better about themselves. They know the story behind a painting and take a few seconds a day standing in front of it putting themselves in that state of mind YOU the artist described them you were in when you created it. They want to feel the pain the loss the emotion that lead you to set up that canvas and create a visual version of your feeling.

Then they like to open they’re eyes and remember that their lives are amazing and they have nothing to be worried about. This is what they’re $5000 is worth to them. This is what you are obligated to do if you like to have the honor of them using your work to run through this cycle and pay for it.

You are chosen to be the messenger of a feeling. You created it. Meaning that piece of work that they will from they used for a need to feel that feeling.

Let’s increase this and get back to how you become a god. Ready, that is if that “need” is only available from you. Yes very simple, when only you are able to create what they love the most.

Being a god is temporary and is not acquired from birth. It is earned. You are chosen to be a god. Chosen by a certain number of human citizens on earth. You now did not just “make” someone happy or
“create” something that is pretty cool

It is the electric force of your persona or work that connects them all in liking it. Its when you put on a Linkin park album and realize that first of all your hairs on your arms stand up because the guy lived through so much pain that it catches you every time. To many many people, Chester is a god to this day.

Now if you walk into an art exhibit and look at a painting or installation and you feel the silence in the room because it shocked not just you but everyone else in the room on the opening and people stand there with their hairs raising on their arms it is because of real actual physical electric energy in that room. “it.” is the electric force. You are attracted to feeling it. You have a “need” to feel it as often as you can. When you crank up a music album or stop on your rushed way to work to take a moment to pay tribute to a work.

Now if you manage

The Manual To Become God - Thomas Buchmueller - it. LLC