No one speaks about the internet is actually a pretty quiet place. The internet grows substantially up to a point where everyone I know including myself does not visit somebodies websites from their phones. There is a huge percentage of websites people have been aggressively sold into by square space Shopify, Wix and all the paid celebrities advising to make this step.

If you live in an age where you believe that this was enough to get yourself or your business noticed on “the internet” then this should be the moment to wake up from it. Without shared media or as everyone refers to it you will have a hard time getting anything out there.

What’s the difference and why is it so important you still ask me? Well, shared media profiles or “walls” as we will refer to within grow, use your phone or tablet as the input source. What you produced, may it be a video or photo or just a Mindspark captured in 160chars, is placed into an organized grid.

In this Grid or System With proper tagging, you are able to appear in chronological or random order upon search or by being “shared” or share yourself within. Imagine it as a phone book entry. And now to your Wix website by itself. Or your self-created square space masterpiece. Both of them sit there statically living inside of a System which is the website you created it on.

However nobody is connected to each other, nobody can share to each other and chances are extremely high that you will be between the large percentage of people who will not receive a single view in your analytics (if you do not count your own). 

To have multiple “walls” representing you out there is therefore elementally important. 

How to plan, design, place and promote these shared media walls is what you can learn within outgrow for the next posts coming…


(work in progress)


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